Special Orders

(applies to Sterling, Silver Filled, Gold Filled and Rose Gold Filled items)

punched blanks
Punched blanks take 2 weeks
artisan blanks
Artisan cast pendants take 8 weeks

Email: specialorders@beaducation.com

Send an email with the MODEL NUMBER and desired amount to find out how long it takes. We’ll email you an estimated cost. Half the cost is due once you confirm. Prices can change based on the metal market. All special orders are FINAL SALE.
  • 50+ = 20% off
  • 100+ = 25% off
  • 200+ = 30% off

Beaducation Originals
Design Stamp and Letter Set Resale Program

To establish a resale account (only available for design stamps and letter sets) please read and complete this PDF and send it back to us with a copy of your sellers permit. If you are located in California you will also need to complete a Resale Certificate before we can process your order.

Email: stamps@beaducation.com / Fax: 650.472.8967

Design Stamps
  • Initial Order - Minimum 5 of each design and 50 total.
    (for example - 10 designs and 5 of each or 2 designs and 25 of each).

  • Subsequent Orders - Minimum 5 of each design and 25 total.
Beaducation Original Letter Sets - Minimum 5 sets.
Beaducation Original Number Sets - Minimum 4 sets.

Design Stamps – 25% off.
Beaducation Original Letter Sets – 15% off.
Beaducation Original Number Sets – 15% off.

Resale Inquiries

If you are a California resident with an active business and would like your CA sales tax refunded on materials that will be resold, send us a completed California Resale Certificate.

Email: orders@beaducation.com / Fax: 650.472.8967

Items that qualify for a sales tax refund are wire, sheet metal, stamping blanks, chains, jump rings, findings and mixed media supplies.

No tax refunds on tools, kits or orders less than $45.

When placing orders, write a note in the comments section: "materials are for resale." We will not process your refund without that note. Refunds will be processed within 7 days.

Wholesale Inquiries

We are an online retail company, not wholesale. We do not have wholesale prices, but we do have great bulk discounts! Check out our bulk discount information below or deeper discounts in our Special Orders section.

Bulk Discounts

5-15% off (Instantly!) depending on the product.

Price Breaks for multiples of one model:
Most of our blanks have bulk discounts. Check each item’s product page to see if it applies.