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Screw Down Hole Punch, 1.6mm & 2.3mm holes

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Product Description
Sku: PUN004

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** This product and it's replacement parts have been discontinued. As of 10/6/21  we now carry a new style of Screw Down Hole punch, HOWEVER, the replacement parts for the new tool will not work on the old one and visa versa.
  • Two different hole sizes: 1.6mm (1/16") & 2.3mm (3/32nd")
  • 1.6mm side has a 15mm reach into your blank.
  • 1.6mm hole fits up to 14g wire, 2.3mm fits up to 12g wire
  • Made of tool steel.
  • Tempered for making precision holes in soft metal.
  • Screw down action makes holes without deforming metal.
  • Punches through sterling silver, fine silver, copper and aluminum up to 16g thick.
  • You will need to anneal your metal if you are punching through brass or nickel silver thicker than 24g .
  • Check out our FREE Anealing Class to see how to do this.
  • Replacements for the individual piercing pins are available here.
  • 22g Brass, Nickel, coins or other base metal is best punched with our Drill Press.
  • If you like this tool, check out TL054 for a 1.6mm hole with a 22mm reach into your blank!

This is one of my favorite tools. Make sure not to screw the punch down all the way or it will mar your metal and leave a small circle around your hole. Unscrew the punch all the way before removing the metal or you will pull on the punch and weaken the tool. Don't try to punch through any metal which is too "hard".

Make sure the little circle of metal removed by the punch has popped out of the tool and isn't clogging up the hole. If it doesn't drop out, screw the tool down to push that little piece of scrap through. You can then give the tool a little shake to ensure that the metal falls right out.

Screw Down Hole Punch Product Video

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