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ImpressArt Antique Stamp Enamel Marker Pen, Gold

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ImpressArt Antique Stamp Enamel Marker Pen, Gold

  • Acrylic ink used to enhance stamped impressions with shades of gold.
  • Run the tip of your marker over stamped impressions.
  • Wipe off excess ink with a soft cloth.
  • Not recommended for rings because of continuous contact with soap and rubbing.
  • Click here to see other available enamel marker colors.

I am liking the Stamp Enamel Marker Pen. It is easy to apply and also easy to clean the excess from the surface of your blank. It's thicker and darker than Sharpie so provides a slightly different look. The instructions on the enamel marker say to let it dry 1-3 minutes, but I wouldn't leave it on that long. It's really hard to get off if it totally dries. Don't pull it off too wet or it will "suck" out of the impressions. 45 - 60 seconds works for me. If it's being used on deep impressions that aren't solid designs, shorter time is fine, but if using it on more dense designs with more surface space in the design, ya gotta let it dry a bit more or it will just get pulled out (but same goes for sharpie). Does it last longer? In theory the enamel should not fade as fast, but I don't have hard evidence on that. I think it's gonna be a matter of trying and seeing which you prefer.

Stamp Enamel Marker by ImpressArt for Metal Stamping

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