Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Place the hand stamped blank on the kiln brick. Add soft paste solder to the join on the jump ring.
  2. Position the blank on the kiln brick so the join is away from the blank. That way you won't end up soldering the jump ring and blank together.
  3. Use a torch to solder the ring together.
  4. The piece will have firescale after it is heated. Use Penny Brite metal cleaner to remove it. See the product page for more directions on use.
  5. Check out the closeup of the solder join. The solder flowed completely, closing the gap in the jump ring. Oxidize and polish.
Pendant with Soldered Ring
To make stamped pendants safe and secure add a soldered jump ring. If you are just starting out or if your soldering skills are a little rusty, we recommend trying out a couple of our online video classes.
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