Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Slide your ring onto a ring mandrel secured on a table vise and begin to stamp your pattern onto your ring.
  2. Using all of the various tags and blanks begin to fold them creating depth and texture. Check out this great tutorial before you start!
  3. Cut 1/2 to 3/4 inch pieces of the fine silver wire. Put them on a charcoal block and create balls for the center of each flower. Check out this great tutorial before you start! This tutorial is for head pins...but the concept is the same. Instead of holding a long piece of wire with your pliers just have your 1/2" piece laying on the charcoal block and as you torch will natural form a ball! Remember- Safety FIRST!
  4. Cut the loop off the Copper Bezel and file any rough edges off. Squeeze just a small amount of Hard Solder onto a Pick and apply to the back of all the flowers and leaves-only where the back meets the Copper Bezel. Simple Soldered Pendants is the class you need to teach you all you need to get started in the highly addictive world of soldering! Clean in your pickle pot before the next step.
  5. Solder the balls into the middle of the flowers with the Medium Solder. Then clean in your pickle pot.
  6. Solder the main piece to your ring with the Soft Solder and clean in your pickle pot.
  7. Oxidize with Silver Black and polish with a Pro Polish Pad.
Cocktail Ring Beaducation Style
Walk into a room wearing this and wave your hand all around so people can see this beauty! Its not a big engagement ring but I would flaunt this bad boy just as much. A little folded flower, stamping, fusing, and soldering! Its a fun project to make. This project is for you intermediate soldering folks.
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