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Flower Power Riveted Ring
Mixed metals and a variety of techniques makes this ring super powerful. In fact, if Lisa was a Super Hero I believe this would be her secret weapon!
Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. First step is to watch our great Rivetable Rings Product Video. Lisa breaks down step by step how to prep each blank to fit onto the rivet of the ring. She even shows you how to cut the excess off the rivet pin and how to hammer it down!
  2. Before putting together your ring, texture the bottom flower blank with the peen end of your Chasing Hammer.
  3. Use your Dapping Block to put a slight upwards curve in your flower. Next, with your 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers punch a hole in the center of the blanks. Ream out that hole slightly with a Bead Reamer if the ring pin does not fit in that hole to create a slightly bigger hole. Layer the blanks onto the pin and rivet away!

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