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Crystal Leaf Flower Studs

These earrings are a favorite amongst the peeps at Beaducation. We think they look elegant and chic, while still appearing playful too! We love how everything needed to make these earrings is on our site, and there is no soldering involved, just hex bolts and wire to get everything assembled!

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. As we gathered our materials to assemble our flowers, we made sure not forget the base blank (we used a small brass heart). We punched our holes in our flower blanks and our hearts for the hex screws. Then we made sure we punched two additional holes in the heart blanks, and four holes in the bezel cup earring, because this is how we will secure our flowers to our earring component.
  2. We then took our hex screws, nuts and bolts, and screwed our Swarovski Navettes, heart blank and flower blank together.
  3. Once we assembled our flower, we cut and filed down any excess screw bolt that may hinder our flowers from sitting correctly in the bezel cup earring component. As we cut and filed down, we took our bezel cup and cut off the excess loop, and filed that down too.
  4. We then took 24 gauge wire and threaded it from the outside, up into the bezel cup. Next we threaded this wire down through the holes we punched in the heart blank.
  5. From here, we threaded the wire down through the other two bezel cup holes, and were able to tighten this wire to ensure the flowers were firmly in place.
  6. We then took the wire, carefully (and tightly) wound it through our crystal leaves, and then came back together to twist the ends and tuck them into the bezel cup.

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