Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Stamp the bottom half of the circle blank. Start with the outter edge and continue to stamp in towards the center.
  2. Flip the circle over to the side that is not stamped. With a chasing hammer, texture the edges of the circle using the ball head side of the hammer. This will give the piece a more organic look.
  3. Take a torch to the blank to anneal the metal. After quenching the piece, polish it up with some steel wool.
  4. With a pair of nylon ring bending pliers, shape the blank. Then take a pair of round/flat nylon jaw pliers and start to roll the edges of the blank towards the top center. The goal is to create a cone-like shape.
  5. Keep the top point slightly open as wire will have to pass through to create a wire wrap. Continue to shape the lily until you are content with the final shape and then set the piece aside.
  6. Take 16 gauge copper wire and cut 3 sections into 3 inch increments. Precision is not imperative as the look should stay organic and varying lengths will help.
  7. Take a torch and start creating large balled head pins. We have a specific class, Making Your Own Balled Head Pins that demonstrates how to create traditional balled headpins, and another class that demonstrates how to do the same thing only with thicker gauges, Riveted Rock Bank.
  8. Take the chasing hammer and flatten out both the balled part of the head pin and top section as well. When the balled area is flattened out and large enough, take a design stamp, and embellish the flattened section by stamping it. For the top portion, take a hole punch plier and punch a hole through the flattened bit.
  9. Cut a 6-7 inch piece of 20 gauge wire. Make a loop at one end of the wire and feed the three copper staimen pieces onto it. Create a small wire wrap (holding the staimens) that will neatly fit inside the lily cone. Feed this into the lily cone and through the top hole. Then take the remaining wire and make a wire wrap with a loop that is large enough to accomodate an ornate locking ring.
  10. Attach the locking ring through the top loop, add a chain and you are ready to wear this beauty!
Stamped Lily Pendant

This pendant is a mini metal lily blossom. We started off with a sterling silver 32mm circle blank, a couple of decorative design stamps, and thick gauge of copper wire to make the stamens. Check out the instructions below for step-by-step instructions.

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