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Soldered Folded Flower

We took the Folded Flower to the next level with soldering. It's amazing how a little solder can change the look of your pendant. It's so quick and you will be surprised how easy!

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Stamp out your design or word on one portion of the blank allowing enough room for your flowers.
  2. Fold the flower and leaves. Check out this free class for more info. Prep the base pendant by cutting off the loop and filing down any rough edges.
  3. Clean the flower, leaves and base to remove any oils so you can solder them together. Place the base onto the kiln brick. Using the solder paste as a "glue" position the leaves first, then apply the solder to the flower and position so it covers the holes in the oval tags. Torch until the solder flows. Check out this great tutorial before you start! Using Penny Brite clean off the fire scale.
  4. Using your Hole Punch Pliers create a hole to put your jump ring on. Oxidize in a liver of sulfur solution. Polish with a Pro Polish pad to get off any excessive oxidizing.
  5. Add the jump ring to the attach the clasp to the chain, string your pendant onto the chain and add the other jump ring to the other end of the chain. Check out this great tutorial before you start this step!

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