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Crystal Flower Hair Comb

This hair comb is stunning on, and perfect for an added embellishment to your updo. With the help of our Free Folded Flower class, and our Introduction to Fine Silver Fusing class, you will have a great base of knowledge to get started on this amazing project. Our new Swarovski Navettes make a perfect crystal petal for the riveted flowers on this comb.              

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. First we focus on creating the branches. Using small pieces (1-1.5 inches) of 18g Fine Silver we created balled headpins. Check out our FREE online class on how to make Balled Headpins if this is new to you.
  2. As you work on your balled headpins, allow some of the fusing to stop short of making fully formed balls. This will create a more organic look and you can use the not-yet-formed balls as leaves instead of buds.
  3. Cut a 3.5 inch section of 12g Fine Silver as the base. We opted to then solder onto the fine silver as we did not want to jeopardize loosing our fuse formed shapes by bringing up the temperature too high.
  4. Stamp and texture the branches and leaves. This will work harden the silver so it is not so bendy and soft. Using your hands and fingers, free form subtle curves and bends to make it flow organically, like a real branch.
  5. Create Folded Flower bundles using various Blanks for a base. Pepper in some Swarovski Navettes with Hex Nuts and Bolts to incorporate the crystal flowers. Then wrap these bundles to the comb and branch using 24g silver filled wire.

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