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Geometric Diamond Earrings
These earrings are lovely to wear and a treat to make! Get comfortable working with wire, metal blanks and texturing. We think the geometric angles of these earrings make them a trendy addition for your jewelry collection and an easy go-to for you to wear everyday.
Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Texture your triangles with stamps or hammers. We used the long thin side of a riveting hammer.
  2. Punch two holes on the short side of one triangle blank.
  3. Line the two triangles up back to back and punch holes in the second triangle using the holes on the first triangle as a guide.
  4. Repeat the hole punching for the second earrings and then oxidize and polish all the triangles
  5. Attach the two triangles with the 4mm jump rings.
  6. Punch a hole in the top of one of the triangles and insert a 4mm jump ring.
  7. Lay the attached triangles on your work surface. Bend a 6" piece of 18 gauge wire in half. Line the wire up with the point of the bottom triangle. Pinch the bend in your wire so it matches the angle of the triangle.
  8. To make the wire frame, mark the wire to bend equally on the right and the left of the joined triangles. Line up the edge of your chain nose pliers with those marks and create the outside angles in your wire.
  9. Flatten the wire then texture the wire. We used the front of a riveting hammer to flatten the wire and the back side to texture it.
  10. Trim and turn a loop at each end of wire. Line up the wire and the blanks, and make sure the loops will end and lay just above the top tip of the joined triangles. If you turn your loops and connect everything and your frame is too long, just trim a bit off the top loops in the frame and make new loops.
  11. Oxidize and polish the textured and shaped wire.
  12. Use the 6mm jump ring to connect the outside frame and the joined triangles.
  13. Add ear wires. Wear with pride, or wrap them up for a beautiful gift!

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