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Crystal Princess Hair Comb

Not only will those flyaways stay in place but they will look fabulous at the same time! Your locks will be breath taking with this hair comb dripping with crystals. Really, you can't help but gaze into their beauty. 

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Attach the large Crystal Cup Chain to the Hair Comb. We cut 2.5" to fit the full length of the comb. Check out Lisa's video Crystal Cup Bracelets for detailed instructions.

  2. Cut the smaller Crystal Cup Chain into the desired lengths. We cut three pieces: 4.5", 6.5", and 8.5". You may want to customize those lengths to your hair.

  3. Attach the Cup Chain Connectors to both ends of all the cut pieces of chain. 

  4. Cut about 8" of wire. Secure one end of the wire to the comb with a few wraps. Add the longest chain by looping the wire through the connector and secure to the comb with another wrap or two. Repeat with the next two chains in succession. For the other side of the comb repeat with a separate piece of wire. Make sure to use your pliers to tuck in the wire ends nice and tight.

  5. Use jumprings to attach your Swarovski Crystal Charms to the Crystal Cup Chain.


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