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Metal Stamped Coin DIY - Father's Day Gifts

Heads or tails, everyone wins in this coin toss.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Complete your stamping on both blanks.

  2. Use your Chasing Hammer to lightly tap around the rim of the blanks to soften out the edges and to add texture.

  3. Punch both rivet holes in the first stamped blank.

  4. Hold that blank back-to-back with the second stamped blank. Use a pen to mark through one hole on the first blank, placing a mark on the second blank to punch the first rivet hole. Do not punch the second rivet hole on the second blank yet.

  5. Rivet the two pieces together through that first side. Before hitting the rivet for the final few times, make sure the circles are lined up perfectly before setting that rivet.

  6. Use your hole punch pliers (or drill) to punch through that second hole on the first blank and punch a corresponding hole in the second blank.

  7. Add your second rivet.


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