Valentine's Day Love Message on Bracelet DIY
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DIY Bracelet Cuff with Secret Message

Give your special someone (or yourself) a message all their own! Stamp goals, reminders, a love note or anything you like on the inside of a cuff bracelet. Decorate the outside with a gorgeous Mandala design, something simple or nothing at all and only the two of you will know what's on the inside! 

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Scroll down the page a bit and you'll find Related Online Classes with Similar Techniques below. These are classes we've specifically chosen to help you make this project. If you're new to metal stamping, here is our Beginners Stamping Checklist.

  2. Write out your secret message so you'll know how much space you'll need on the inside of your bracelet cuff. We recommend watching our free tutorial, Say It On Your Wrist, which will show you how to space out your letters and designs on a bracelet cuff (in Step 2).

    TIP: Be gentle when stamping out letters and numbers that are the shape of a line, such as "l", "i", "1", etc. If the impression is too deep it can make your bracelet delicate or more difficult to shape.

  3. We recommend using ImpressArt Scratch Protectors to help prevent damage when you are stamping on both sides of your blank.

  4. Let's get stamping! Stamp, darken and polish. 

  5. Shape your bracelet blank. Instructions are in the recommended video tutorial, Say It On Your Wrist, (step 3).


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