Custom Outdoor Nature Loving Ring DIY
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Metal Stamped Ring DIY - Nature Scene

Some of us are lucky enough to live right in the middle of, or close to, the beautiful outdoors. Some of us visit from the suburbs or the city. If you love nature and being outdoors, or you know someone who does, this ring may be a great project for you!

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. It's a good idea to make sure you have room for your letters, numbers and/or any designs you may be adding to the blank. 

    Even experienced stampers will plan out a design before stamping it out. We have a perfect solution that is both low in cost and very helpful in planning for space, etc. Try our Aluminum Foil Practice Stamp Sheets

  2. Scroll down the page a bit and you'll find Related Online Classes with Similar Techniques below. These are classes we've specifically chosen to help you make this project. If you're new to metal stamping, here is our Beginners Metal Stamping Checklist. 

  3. Stamp, darken and polish. 

  4. Bend your ring into shape. Watch "Bend, Curl and Shape a Flat Ring Blank" to learn how.


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