Instructor: Lisa Niven Kelly
Technique(s): Wirework
Level: All Levels
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Horseshoe Chains

If you love horseshoes, then it’s your lucky day because bestselling jewelry author, Lisa Niven Kelly, wants to teach you how to make three fun horseshoe designs in her FREE: Horseshoe Chains Class. Get out your tools and prepare to shape, coil and hammer your wire before connecting these designs together to create a unique chain. Beginners are welcome.

This class has a run time of 52 minutes.


I have to say, first of all, that I've taken several of these turorials from both Lisa and Kate Richbourg. I can't even remember them all in fact, lol. But aside from the tutorials on the site, I've also viewed many on your YouTube channel. I can honestly say that I have never viewed one video, both from here and YouTube, where I didn't feel like they were teaching directly to me, in such clear and simple terms that they make even the most daunting projects easy to learn. I love the way the videos are divided into sections for each step, so that you can go back and watch as many times as you need to to catch something you may have missed. I never would have thought that I would be able to tackle the third chain in this lesson. But Lisa did an excellent job of describing even the tiniest detail, so that even an attention challenged student like me could understand. They have such down to earth, engaging personalities, too. Just real people with a sincere desire to share their knowledge and skill with others.

Also, I would like to say, I have made several orders from Beaducation, and every order was processed quickly, and received, at the most, three days after I made it (unless it was the weekend, of course). They go out of their way to pack their products with great care. For example, I ordered one sheet of 4x4 copper. It came in a plastic zip lock bag, inside another zip lock bag, in bubble wrap, in a bubble envelope; and not the paper kind. It was all taped so well, I felt like I was never going to get through to the actual sheet.

I have to say, Beaducation is the best overall online jewelry business I've had dealings with, and that's a lot of stores. Thank you, Beaducation. You guys are awesome!
Sue Sigler (Granny Sue)
Horseshoe chains
Well Horseshoes are good luck, and Lisa, your Horseshoe video was good luck for me!
Thank you AGAIN for an excellent instructional video....so well paced, clear articulate instructions, close-up viewing, and very calm demeanor which so helps one learn....along with all the tips along the way!

Thank you &your team again!
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