Jewelry Making Tools Tronex Razor Flush Cutter, Oval Head - Long Handle, #7513
Jewelry Making Tools Tronex Razor Flush Cutter, Oval Head - Long Handle, #7513
Jewelry Making Tools Tronex Razor Flush Cutter, Oval Head - Long Handle, #7513
Jewelry Making Tools Tronex Razor Flush Cutter, Oval Head - Long Handle, #7513
Model: CUT012
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Tronex Razor Flush Cutter, Oval Head - Long Handle, #7513

  • Handle Length: Long (3 3/4" long).
  • Oval shaped head to give it more strength to cut heavier metals. 
  • Cushioned handles for comfortable grip.
  • Spring handle to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Use on soft metals only. 
  • This cutter can be used to cut up to a 14g (for Sterling).
  • Only use the tip of the cutter to cut soft 20g or thinner.

Benefits of Tronex Cutters:

  • Durable and will last for years.
  • Suede-like cushion grip offers just the right amount of cushion and comfort. 
  • The cutters have a nice spring to them and bounce back into position. 
  • Cutting edges are machine ground to make them razor sharp with perfect alignment. 
  • Wire cut with this cutter with be very flush with no "pinch."
  • Fine set screw stop built into the handle to prevent edges from dulling. 
  • Tronex stands behind their products.
  • Made in the USA. 
  • Family run reliable company. 
  • You can send your tool directly to Tronex and they will sharpen it, replace the grips, the washer, and the screw all for about $10! Here's the address:

    Tronex Technologies
    2860 Cordelia Road
    Fairfield, CA 94534

These pliers come in a long or short handle. Some folks like them long, some like them short.  It really is a personal preference and is usually determined by the size of your hand.

Lisa (our CEO) has been working with the President of Tronex helping him test and perfect his cutters and pliers to fit the Wireworking world. His tools were primarily made for the electronics & medical fields, but he has moved into the jewelry making market. Lisa has tested these Razor Flush cutters to find their breaking point and to determine the max gauge that should be cut with them. She has cut 14 gauge Sterling and they have yet to dull. Cutting wire that is too thick for a certain cutter, shouldn't break it (unless you are cutting something harder than Silver) but it will dull it faster. That is the concern with these. They are literally like razors at the edges....they cut amazing! Keep these Razor Flush Cutters to 18 gauge and thinner to preserve their sharpness. If you need to cut an occasional thicker wire, just make sure to use the back of the cutter (towards the joint) to preserve that precious sharp tip. 

Kate Richbourg uses these cutters in our Soldered Rim Pendant online class.
I am so happy with these, they get in very tight with no pinch and are very comfortable on the hand. I use them currently for wire wrapping earrings with 26, 24, and 22 gauge wire.


I love love love these pliers!
Su Gustafson
It was time to replace my flush cutters so I upgraded to these Tronex flush cutters. Best decision I've made in a long time! They are really sharp and make a very smooth flush cut with little pressure, and can get in and make close cuts. I highly recommend these high quality cutters.
Quality cutters. Really is a flush cut. Less sanding equals happy artists!
Such great cutters! Make flush cutting a dream