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Swarovski Crystal - Light Vitrail 27mm, Round Stone

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Product Description
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Swarovski Crystal - Light Vitrail

  • 27mm
  • Vendor Name: Light Vitrail
  • Swarovski #1201
  • Protect finish by avoiding any scratches to the foil backing. Apply a coat of clear nail polish to back and reapply with time.
This beauty can be used to create an astoundingly beautiful pendant in Lisa Niven Kelly's FREE: Spiro Pendant Class. Lisa uses 6.5 feet of 28g wire to complete her Spiro with the Large Notched Washer.

Lisa created a Beaducation Original Notched Washer that fits this 27mm Swarovski Crystal perfectly - you do not have to create any notches on your own! Just purchase and wrap!!!

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