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MKR 1-5 Maker Hammer Set by Fretz

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MKR 1-5 Hammer Set by Fretz Tools.

  • Maker Jewelry Tools by Fretz.
  • New group of hammers trademarked by Fretz.
  • Quality hammers within an artist's budget.
  • Made with Fretz's signature 420 stainless steel and with polished faces.
  • The handles are North American ash with the logo on the handle.
  • MKR-1-5 are the same size as the other Fretz Hammers.
  • The strength and durability of these hammers are similiar to the higher end Fretz line.

DIFFERENCES between the MAKER SET and the higher-end FRETZ hammers:

  1. MAKER heads do not have a logo on the head of the hammer so the mold was less expensive and easier to finish.
  2. MAKER heads are only polished on the working surfaces. The higher-end FRETZ hammers are hand finished on the entire surface and sandblasted individually.
  3. MAKER wooden handles are ash wood which is far less expensive than the FRETZ higher-end paduak handles.
  4. MAKER handles are dipped in a hard finish while the higher-end FRETZ hammers have a hand rubbed oil finish on the paduak handles.
  5. The choice comes down to personal aesthetics and cost.
  6. You would pay $260 for these 5 higher-end FRETZ hammers! That is a difference of $116!!!!

This series includes:

  • Planishing Hammer - slightly rounded working end for smoothing forged metal. The other end is flat which can refine the planishing marks to smoothness.
  • Wide Raising Hammer - forging hammer used to draw out wire or sheet metal.
  • Narrow Raising Hammer - a crosspein used to sink metal into concave shapes and fit into curves where a round planishing hammer will not fit.
  • Large Embossing Hammer - two ball shaped ends of different sizes, used to sink shapes into cavities.
  • Small Embossing Hammer - two round ends to make interesting textures on smaller shapes.


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