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Half Round Sanding Sticks, Set of 6

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Product Description
Sku: FIL004

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These sanding sticks come in six different grits from fine to coarse. The sandpaper is adhered to a wooden base. These are perfect for light metal filing, filing the ends for wire or edges of metal sheet. They are also terrific for Metal Clay.

Consult the following table for a comparison of the different grits and uses:

Very Coarse
Grit Number Common Uses
30 2 1/2 Rust removal on rough-finished metal
36 2


Grit Number Common Uses
40 1 1/2 Rough sanding of item.
50 1
60 1/2

Grit Number Common Uses
80 0(1/0) General sanding; smoothing; preliminary
100 00(2/0)
120 3/0

Grit Number Common Uses
150 4/0 Final sanding of item.
180 5/0

Very fine
Grit Number Common Uses
220 6/0 Light sanding.
240 7/0
280 8/0

Extra fine
Grit Number Common Uses
320 9/0 High finish on metal.
360 _2
600 _2

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