Model: BM588
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Brass Large Smooth Puffy Heart Frame

  • Height: 29mm (1.15") including loop
  • Width: 26.25mm (1.05")
  • Thickness: 11g
  • Frame accommodates a large puffy heart blank in any gauge

These heart frames were designed to fit our Large Puffy Heart Blanks.

Using a pair of Chain Nose Pliers, pull back the prongs on the back of these frames before inserting your heart. Be sure to place a Pro-Polish Pad or piece of paper or cloth on the face of the frame if you hold the face of the frame with your Chain Nose Pliers so as not to make any marks on the frame.

Once your disk is securely in the frame consider it permanently set because reopening the prongs another time can weaken the prongs.

These are not your typical prefabricated bezels. They have been custom-made for Beaducation to fit our heart blanks.

To see if this pendant is available in other metals, type the product's name in the search box, minus the metal, such as: Large Long Rounded Rectangle, and all of its other metals should pop right up! 

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