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New Directions in Punched Metal Jewelry

Discover a simple technique that creates striking and original results.  Using basic design stamps - dots and lines - Aisha brings a fresh approach to jewelry making inspired by Mexican stamped tin mirrors.  Styles range from direct reference to the Mexican Folk art that inspired her, to geometric patterns that resemble tin ceilings or printed fabric, or to designs that look like Japanese sashiko or other embroidery.

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In addition to stamping and design techniques, Aisha guides you on basic metalworking skill with tutorials on:


  • Riveting
  • Creating holes
  • Shaping
  • Antiquing
  • Basic polishing and 
  • Filing
Aisha focuses on inexpensive metals such as copper, brass, and nickel to create basic punch designs with just one stamp. She then demonstrates how the same design can be elaborated using two, three, or more different design stamps.  The design possibilities are endless.

These are some of the design stamps she uses:

Cross Star Design Stamp
Asterisk Design Stamp - 1/16" (1.6mm)
Bubbles Design Stamps
Open Teardrop Design Stamp
Heart with Wings Design Stamp
3/32" Period Design Stamp
Slash Design Stamp
Parenthesis Design Stamp
Thin Arch 7mm Design Stamp
"V" 6mm Design Stamp
Short Dash


Aisha Formanski was raised in the Midwest where her love of handcrafts was nurtured and supported.  She developed a great appreciation for traditional handcrafts.  She studied jewelry design at the Revere Academy of Jewelery Arts and continues to build her knowledge of new techniques and materials.  She is part of the Education Team here at Beaducation.com!

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