Foredom Flex Shaft w/ Accessories
Foredom Flex Shaft w/ Accessories
Model: DRL007
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Foredom Flex Shaft is perfect for cleaning, polishing, sanding, drilling and many more metalworking applications. Pairs with the PePe Jump Ring Maker system. Includes motor, hand piece, foot control, and chuck key. Also comes with a kit that includes a variety of attachments with a caddy and complete directions. Also comes with cutting lubricant.

This is Model Number 2230. Specifications:

  • Universal,general-purpose, 1/6 HP motor can be connected to any of Foredom'sinterchangeable hand pieces, except those designed for Series TXH.
  • Features forward and reverse rotation for left-handed users, backing out stuckbits, and many applications with mounted stones, brushes, and buffs.39" shaft included.
  • 500 to 18,000 RPM
  • 1.7 amps


Check out our FREE Product Tip on how to drill a hole in metal using the Foredom Flex Shaft.

Not all flex shafts are created equal. We chose this model because it is a real workhorse. It includes a two-year limited warranty with the manufacturer upon completing and returning the enclosed owner's registration card. Please see owner's manual for details.

The flex shaft tool itself includes the motor, a flexible shaft, a hand piece and a foot pedal that controls the speed of the motor.

The flex shaft comes with complete instructions. We recommend reading them all of the way through before using the flex shaft, as it contains important safety information.



I’ve been researching flex shaft vs Dremel for quite a while. Lots of pros and cons to both. I’m really glad I chose the flex shaft. It’s easy to use, I can rest my hands on the table and don’t have to hold the whole thing. It came with lots of attachments and I love that it has a foot pedal. I’m using it mostly for polishing. ????????????