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Riveted Heart Pendant, DIY Design


Our kind and talented friend, Kerry Bogert created this gorgeous pendant as a project for us. The project includes riveting, metal shaping and stamping... all of the things we love! 

  1. Begin by cutting off two 3" x .25" strips from copper sheet metal (of course, you could use brass or sterling as well). 
  2. Stamp on one or both strips if you wish.
  3. Use sandpaper or a buffing block to clean up the edges of the strips.
  4. Face the stamped sides of each strip towards each other (facing in not out).
  5. Punch matching holes at the bottom of both strips and rivet them together. Watch this riveting class for riveting instructions.
  6. Bend out both strips around something round or a Wrap and Tap plier to make the "humps" of the heart.
  7. Bring the bottom ends of the pieces around and down and pinch them together.
  8. Punch matching holes at those bottom ends and rivet them together.
  9. File the bottom point to round it out.
  10. Punch a hold at the top of one of the humps to add a headpin and a wire wrapped loop.

Helpful charts and guides

Tools & Materials

Copper Sheet Metal, 3" x 3", 24 Gauge
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Large Wrap and Tap Plier
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Flat Sanding Sticks, Set of 8
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Coarse File Set with Handle
Wet/Dry Sanding Paper Mixed Grit Pack
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