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How to Stamp on Metal

Beginning Stamping Checklist
Click to see the items you need to begin your stamping adventure!
Stamping on Metal Starter Kit
You can buy it all packaged up! Our starter kit is perfect for those starting out.

How Many Letters Will Fit On My Blank?
Letters represent uppercase 1/8” letter sets. Coins shown for scale.
Stamp and Circle Sizing Guide
Click here for size comparisons.
The fonts used above are all 1/8" Beaducation Originals.
Left: Script and Lowercase
Middle: Kismet Uppercase
Right: Wackadoodle Uppercase and Lowercase
Common Letter Set Sizes
The diagram above shows how many letters will stamp across a one inch space.
Video: Choosing a Font and Size
Lisa helps you decide which letter set is right for you.
Master Design Stamps
Here are top 10 tips for mastering detailed design stamps. Our "Tilt 'n Tap" method will show you how to make a great impression.
Jump Ring Chart
Click here to find out the correct size jump ring and hole punch plier to use with your blank.
More Useful Info...
Click here for our handy measurement conversion chart, metal gauge guide, circle divider and more!
She Wrote the Book
Checkout Lisa's first Best-Selling book and her second book written with Taryn McCabe.
Design Ideas
Become inspired with dozens of new ideas.