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Beginner's Metal Stamping Checklist

 Beginner's Metal Stamping Checklist

Here's a list of all the goodies that you will need to get started with metal stamping! 

metal stamping classes
 Our FREE Online Video Class "Stamping on Metal"

Join Lisa and learn all the basics on getting started with stamping with our how-to video on YouTube.

 A Letter Stamp Set and Stamping Tape
  • There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to picking the style of letter that you want to work with.
  • Browse through letter sets and decide what you would like to use in your designs.
  • Two of our most popular sets are the Economy Block Letter and Number Set and the Kismet Letter Sets (if you're feeling a little fancy).
  • Use the Stamping Tape to mark measurements indicating where each letter should be placed. The thickness of the tape makes it so easy to catch the edge of the bottom of your stamp as you drag it down. Your letters will be perfectly aligned!
Bench Blocks
  • Check out our selection of Bench Blocks.
  • Made from high quality tool steel and ground smooth.
  • Ideal surface for stamping, forging or texturing.
brass mallet
sheet metal
 Practice Sheet Metal
  • Copper or Aluminum sheet is an important item for practicing your stamping.
  • Check out all our Sheet Metal. 
  • Do not forget this material for practice!
bench blocks
Stamping Blocks
  • Your choices are endless: Sterling Silver, Silver Filled, Gold Filled, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Pewter, Aluminum and more. Use the filters on the left side of this page to choose metal, shape or thickness.
  • Just don't forget to practice on that copper sheet before you hit these blanks!
  • Adding ink, nail polish, paint or enamel is a quick way to darken, or color, the stamped areas of your jewelry.
  • Once you color over your stamped word, just polish away with your Pro Polish Pad.
  • We call it "moxidizing" because "oxidizing" refers to turning your metal black, but since this pen is only adding ink (rather than changing the surface of the metal) it's like faux oxidizing, which we termed moxidizing ;)
pro polish pads
Pro Polish Pads
  • Pro Polish Pads
  • Great for polishing or removing oxidation or ink from your blanks.
 Metal Hole Punch 
 Jump Rings
  • These are necessary for hanging your pendants once you have punched your hole. Check out our selection in various metals.
  • We love oval jump rings because your finished piece will hang with a lower profile and the opening of the ring will naturally be on the side making it less likely for the pendant to slip out of the ring.
  • 18 gauge jump rings are perfect for your 1.25mm punched holes.
  • 16 gauge jump rings are perfect for your 1.8mm punched holes.
chain nose plier
 Chain Nose Pliers
metal stamping kit

 Optional: Stamping on Metal Starter Kit

  • We packaged it all up, too! Our Stamping on Metal Starter Kit has everything you need with the exception of the hammer, design stamps and pliers. If you have a household hammer, this could be the choice for you.
metal design stamps
 Optional: Design Stamps
metal stamping book
 Optional: Metal Stamping Book
  • For more stamping ideas, check out Lisa's bestselling book, Stamped Metal Jewelry, or the follow-up book, New Stamped Metal Jewelry, by Lisa and Taryn!
  • Step-by-step instructions on 10 projects!
  • Learn to layer, rivet, texture and oxidize your stamped jewelry.
  • Link stamped components with flat wire and wire wrapping.
  • Create charms and incorporate stamped links into your beaded projects.