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Measurement Guides & Charts


CLICK HERE TO PRINT A PDF OF THESE CHARTS. Print this PDF at 100%, not "fit to page". The ruler at the bottom of the page can be tested once you print.

I have it printed and laminated on my workbench and my desk. I use it all the time!

  • Use the measurement conversion guide to transcribe gauges to inches or mm or to learn what size saw blade to use to cut a certain gauge.
  • The chart also shows you what size drill bit will make a hole for a given gauge of wire.
  • The common letter set chart shows you approximately how many letters of any given size will fit within an inch.
  • There's even a ruler and commonly sized circles (to scale). Sometimes it's hard to envision how big an inch circle is. Now you have it on this sheet!
  • The circle divider is great to help with symmetrical or mandala stamping. We have an even more elaborate grid on here.