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About Us

Our Story

“Why just teach a class of ten students when you can reach thousands over the internet? You could travel less and reach more people.”

That was what started it all. The perfect partnership was already in place. Lisa Niven Kelly provided the creativity, vision and student following. Her husband, Paul Kelly, was a web whiz. That perfect mix resulted in a new approach to teaching people to make jewelry and Beaducation.com was born and we started streaming classes in 2007.

Our Mission
We inspire people to create beautiful jewelry. We do this by selling quality jewelry making tools and materials, influenced by the latest trends and techniques through a fun, interactive and educational website. Our company is driven by our Core Values.

Communication and Teamwork

We are committed to compassionate communication with respect and a positive attitude.
One of the things that makes Beaducation feel different from other companies is how important each person is in every department here. We work together, as a team, to make our customers happy. We each feel like a part of something big and it is this sense of camaraderie that makes us want to check in with other departments and lend a hand when our teammates need help.

Rockin’ Customer Service

We exceed customers’ expectations by listening. We respond quickly and thoughtfully,
always seeking the opportunity to make a positive impact.

At Beaducation, we love our customers! We value our role in their businesses and treasure their faith in us. We love hearing from our customers, not only about what we are doing right, but also what we can be doing better. Our customers are our most valuable resource from which to learn and improve.


We are an open-minded and ethical company treating others fairly and honestly as we stand behind the quality of our products.
We sell products we believe in. We offer a variety of products that will satisfy a range of tastes and budgets, without sacrificing quality. We want our customers to enjoy what they have purchased. This is the best way for us to build their trust, give them a great online shopping experience and enable them to enthusiastically share their excitement and trust in us.

Creativity and Innovation

We value our ideas and inspirations; we embrace creativity.
These are the building blocks for innovation.

We know that it’s our innovation that inspires our customers and differentiates our site from others. We cultivate and nurture our creativity by trying new things and being open to new ideas. We love to collaborate about new products, designs, customer service plans, website features, and new classes. Bouncing ideas off of one another inspires more creative thinking. It is from all of our different interpretations and energies that we generate the best plans and are able to grow our company each day. Our creativity needs to be exercised! We tell our customers to ‘Practice, practice, practice.’ Not only does practice makes us more creative, but it is with our missteps that some of our best ideas are sparked.


Our secret to success is laughter.
Laughter motivates us. Our high morale and sense of team spirit comes from the fact that we like being around one another, because... well, we are funny! We are creative problem solvers who employ the power of humor. It’s because of our ability to laugh that we have company closeness and love what we do.


Black Lives Matter 
Women have the right to choose
Kindness is everything!