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2024 Challenge - Mandala a Month!

2024 Challenge - Mandala a Month! 0

Who doesn't love a good challenge? I've been wanting to do a monthly challenge for a while and my friend Kate Richbourg (of helped me...
  • Lisa Kelly

Choosing the Right Sheet Metal Gauges for Perfect Jewelry Making 0

Working with sheet metal requires precision, skill, and the correct tools. Choosing the right gauge is essential to make unique jewelry pieces that are visually appealing, durable, and configured to the desired purpose. In this guide, we'll explain the ideal sheet metal gauges for stone mounting, bracelet forming, and pendant backing for successful jewelry making. Please note, the higher the number of gauge, the thinner the metal is.
  • Lisa Kelly

Why Making Your Own Handmade Jewelry and Gifts is Best for the Holiday Season 1

The holiday season is a time of giving, and what could be more meaningful than gifting something you've crafted with your own hands? Making your own handmade jewelry and gifts for your loved ones is a beautiful tradition that offers a multitude of advantages. In this blog post, we'll explore why creating your own presents is the best way to spread joy during the holiday season.
  • Lisa Kelly

Upgrade to Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Metal Stamping Blanks 0

As a jewelry maker or artisan, the choice of materials can significantly impact the quality and value of your creations. While aluminum and brass are popular choices for metal stamping blanks due to their affordability, upgrading to sterling silver and gold filled blanks can take your craft to a whole new level. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why investing in higher-quality materials like sterling silver and gold filled is a wise decision for your jewelry-making endeavors.
  • Lisa Kelly