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Every artisan needs a hammer, that's why we offer so many. Offering an array of jewelry hammers, we have the style you need to get the job done right. Need a hammer for metal stamping? We offer three different sizes. Looking to add some texture? Check out our chasing hammers and texture hammers. Carrying a variety of Fretz jewelry hammers, the Impressart Ergo-Angle hammer, and plastic mallets for straightening out your pieces, we truly have a hammer for every maker.

Discover the Perfect Jewelry Hammers for Your Craft

Whether you're a seasoned jeweler or just beginning your journey into the art of jewelry making, having the right hammer is crucial for creating stunning, intricate designs. Explore our wide range of high-quality jewelry hammers designed to meet every need and skill level.

Types of Jewelry Hammers

Understanding the different types of jewelry hammers is essential for achieving the desired outcome in your projects. Here’s a detailed look at the various types we offer:

  1. Chasing Hammers: Ideal for shaping and forming metal, chasing hammers feature a large, flat face perfect for flattening and spreading metal. The rounded face can be used for creating intricate patterns and textures.

  2. Ball Peen Hammers: Known for their versatility, ball peen hammers have a rounded end for peening (hardening) and a flat end for general striking. They are essential for riveting and shaping metal.

  3. Riveting Hammers: With a narrow, elongated head, riveting hammers are perfect for precise work, making them a must-have for creating and securing rivets in your designs.

  4. Rawhide Mallets: These soft mallets are gentle on delicate materials. They’re excellent for working with softer metals and preventing surface damage during the forming process.

  5. Brass Hammers: Non-sparking and non-marring, brass hammers are great for working with sensitive materials and in environments where sparks could be hazardous.

Choosing the Right Hammer for Your Needs

Selecting the right jewelry hammer depends on the type of work you’re planning to do. Here are some tips to help you choose:

  • For Texturing: Chasing hammers are your go-to tool for adding unique textures and patterns to your metal pieces.
  • For Riveting: Riveting hammers provide the precision needed for detailed riveting tasks.
  • For General Use: Ball peen hammers offer versatility for various metalworking tasks.
  • For Delicate Materials: Rawhide and brass hammers prevent marring and are ideal for softer metals and delicate adjustments.

High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Our jewelry hammers are crafted from the finest materials to ensure durability and excellent performance. Each hammer is designed with the jeweler in mind, offering ergonomic handles for comfortable use and precision-crafted heads for consistent results. Whether you're working with gold, silver, copper, or other metals, our hammers deliver the reliability and control you need.

Enhance Your Jewelry Making Skills

Investing in quality tools is a crucial step in honing your jewelry-making skills. Our collection of jewelry hammers is curated to provide you with the best tools to enhance your craftsmanship. From beginner-friendly options to professional-grade tools, we have everything you need to take your creations to the next level.

Ready to find the perfect hammer for your jewelry-making needs? Browse our extensive collection of jewelry hammers and discover the tools that will help you create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can shop with confidence and focus on what you do best – crafting exceptional jewelry.


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Jewelry Making Tools 1 lb  Brass Head Mallet / Hammer
1 lb Brass Head Mallet / Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools 2 lb Brass Head Mallet / Hammer
2 lb Brass Head Mallet / Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools Plastic Mallet / Hammer
Plastic Mallet / Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools Chasing Hammer
Chasing Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools 1 lb Lil' Brass Head Mallet / Hammer - Short Handle
Jewelry Making Tools Texture Hammer with 9 Interchangeable Faces
Jewelry Making Tools Square Face Riveting Hammer
Square Face Riveting Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools Round Face Riveting Hammer
Round Face Riveting Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools Fretz Chasing Hammer
Fretz Chasing Hammer
Sold Out
Jewelry Making Tools ImpressArt Ergo-Angle 1 lb Metal Stamping Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools Fretz Precisionsmith Riveting Hammer w/ Square Face
Jewelry Making Tools Rawhide Mallet / Hammer, 1.5" head
Metal Stamping Tools Replacement Brass Head for the Ergo-Angle Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools Fretz 1.5lb Stamping Hammer, Brass and Steel Faces
Jewelry Making Tools Fretz 1lb Stamping Hammer, Brass and Steel Faces
Jewelry Making Tools Fretz 2lb Stamping Hammer, Brass and Steel Faces
Jewelry Making Tools Replacement Brass Head for Fretz 1.5lb Stamping Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools Replacement Brass Head for Fretz 1lb Stamping Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools Replacement Brass Head for Fretz 2lb Stamping Hammer
ImpressArt 2 lb Signature Ergo-Angle™ Metal Stamping Hammer
ImpressArt 1 lb Signature Ergo-Angle™ Metal Stamping Hammer