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Questions? Our customer care team is happy to help! We are here for ya!


Give us a call if you prefer to speak with someone. We are a small but caring team. If we aren't available at the moment, please leave a message! We promise, we will call you back.

Customer Care 820-380-0274


Beaducation, Inc
3000 Broad St, Suite 101
San Luis Obispo, California 93401

We are an online store only; we do not have a location open to the public.

  1. We process orders in 1-5 business days, Monday-Friday. Aside from EXPRESS, orders are processed in the sequence we receive them. We do not ship Express on Fridays. Sometimes the Express shipping is turned off if we out of the office for a day.
  2. FAQ's: Click for answers to more Frequently Asked Questions.

"Just wanted to RAVE about customer service! Seriously, top notch! 👍 I have ordered from a lot of suppliers and places since I started making jewelry and I will always come back here because nobody does a better job of caring for their customers than what I've experienced here! ♡" - Alexis U.


"Your customer service ROCKS... it ALWAYS has!!!
I’ve shopped with you since 2010...seems like longer 🤔... and I ALWAYS recommend you whenever I can!" - Cheri C.


"One of the reasons I love Beaducation, beside the awesome awesomeness of this group, is because Beaducation treats small orders with the same respect they give to large orders. Every time. Thanks, Team Beaducation." - Shelley M.


"I'm just here to say that the customer service here is really above and beyond. and as a small business owner, I really could learn something about it from this company. THANK YOUUUUU" - Randy B.


"Thank you for the fun freebies, excellent customer service and all the wonderful things that make being your customer such a lovely experience.💜 "- Stacy M.


"A plug for the amazing Lora! You are so nice, helpful and amazing. Your customer service is like no other place I’ve dealt with." - Nancy M.


"I received a broken item and (no questions asked) you had a new one in the mail.
I was past the 30 day return deadline and (once again no questions asked) she took my item back. Another time I had a package marked delivered by my post office but I didn’t have it. She called my local post office to find out where it was and what happened. Had my package within a few hours!
I normally despise trying to talk to customer service at places because they always make you feel like you’re the bad guy and give you the run around, but not Lora! She is AWESOME!" - Amanda M.


"I have only had to deal with Lora one time (due to the great service I have always received from Beaducation). I had a question about a problem with a product. She wasn’t sure why I was having the problem, even after she spent some time trying to figure it out. She told me she would check with Lisa and get back to me. She not only got back to me but also offered some suggestions to remedy my problem (which was my fault due to lack of knowledge in using the product). Not only was she patient with me but helped me with the remedy. Loved talking to her and she made me realized that Beaducation was always there to help out!" - Cheryl U.