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Bulk Orders & Resale Inquiries

Special Orders


Applies to Sterling, Silver Filled, Gold Filled and Rose Gold Filled items.


punched blanks
Punched blanks take 2 weeks
artisan blanks
Artisan cast pendants take 8 weeks

Email: specialorders@beaducation.com

Send an email with the MODEL NUMBER and desired amount to find out how long it takes. We’ll email you an estimated cost. Half the cost is due once you confirm. Prices can change based on the metal market. All special orders are FINAL SALE.
  • 50+ = 20% off
  • 100+ = 25% off
  • 200+ = 30% off

Resale Inquiries

Send us a completed California Resale Certificate if you: (1) live in California, (2) purchase materials that will be resold, and (3) would like to be exempt from CA sales tax on applicable items when checking out with your order.

Email: orders@beaducation.com / Fax: 650.472.8967

Resale materials that qualify as sales tax exempt are: wire, sheet metal, stamping blanks, chains, jump rings, findings,and mixed media supplies. Tools and kits do not qualify. Once your certificate is approved, your customer profile will be updated in our system and you will not be charged sales tax on qualifying items. Your invoice will indicate which items are tax exempt.