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Made a Mistake? Don't Throw That Stamping Blank Away! 0

It is inevitable, we’re all going to goof at some point. Don’t fret – it is never a complete waste!   Here are three ways to use that blank in a f...
  • Lisa Kelly

Silver Blackener, Perfect for Oxidizing Metal and Darkening Impressions 0

In stock now... Jax Silver Blackener. We love how it creates a permanent, black patina on sterling silver. There are, however some important shipp...
  • Lisa Kelly

How to Remove the Rust from Metal Letter and Design Stamps 0

Ever take a look at your once beautiful metal design stamps and feel a little sad because they are rusty? Not to fear! Lisa + Mel share with us how...
  • Lisa Kelly

We Love Stamping on Aluminum! 0

We get a lot of questions each week about Aluminum. Can you tumble it? Does it scratch easily? Does it bend because aluminum is so soft? Does it s...
  • Lisa Kelly