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Stamping on Metal for Kids

Instructor Lucy Kelly, daughter of Lisa Niven Kelly, teaches this introduction stamping on metal class for kids! Don’t let Lucy’s age deceive you, this girl knows her stuff! Follow along as Lucy teaches all her tips and tricks to making cool stamped metal jewelry. This class is recommended for kids 8 and older.

FUN FACT, this was shot in 2013, Lucy is now in college :)

This class has a running time of 17 minutes.

hi I'm Lucy Kelly daughter of Lisa Niven

Kelly owner of and today I'm

going to be teaching you stamping

stamping is very fun and very easy and I

love it so I'm just gonna be covering

the basics but if you want to get more

in depth I would go look at my mom's

video but hers is kind of long kind of

boring for me so I would just recommend

that for more older kittens and so let's

just get it started okay so I'm gonna be

teaching you about all these confusing

awesome things that you need for

stamping so here are the stamps it's

letters and shapes you really need them

because this is how we make a letter on

the blank and if we don't have these

basically you can't do anything these

are the hammers so this one I like the

best because it's a lighter and it's

smaller so I would recommend this one

for kids this one most adults like like

my mom so I would recommend this one for

adults because it's like longer and

heavier this is a bench book so you're

gonna need it to hammer the stamps on a

blank on and if you don't have it we'll

make this big like crevice in it or you

might not see the stamp well enough and

this match down here this you don't

exactly need but it makes it sound

quieter so I'm going to use that and

this is a blank you need it a lot

because this is where you put all these

stamping on this is my part this is my

purchase blink you always want one of

these so then you can stamp on it for

practicing because if you have like

you're just new or if you have a new

design that you don't know you want to

practice it to make sure it's right this

is a hole puncher and you use

to make a hole in your blank so then you

can stick a jump ring through it which

I'm going to be showing you how to put

through later and then stick a chain

through that and be done with your

necklace or bracelet or whatever you

want to do and these are the Pens that

you're going to be using to to make

color inside of your stamp and yeah and

then these are the pliers to open and

close the jump ring I'll show you how to

be doing that later

and there's the the blanks

there's circles stars hearts whatever

you can think of and then for the people

like me that love mustaches its mustache

made out of metal that you can stamp on

like this necklace I have here and then

this is a pro polished pad you'll be

using it to there's more than one you

you can be using it to rub off the

excess sharpie on your plink and this is

the tape you can use it to either hold

down the blank if you're gonna stamp in

you're afraid that you're gonna hit your

fingers you're holding down the blank

with your hand or to put it down so you

can move the stamp down to make it line

up and so let's get started with


so now it's time for the standing so we

are going to practice step so basically

throw the hammer you do not want to hold

it up here because it's like too close

you do not want to hold it down here

because it won't have as big of well it

will have like too much of a whack and

it will be harder to bring it up so for

the samurai we'll just hold it right in

the middle and so for the stamps I just

grabbed this random a so for this one of

the sides of this kind will have a a

otherwise some of them have like a

groove in it some of them have a logo or

something on one of the sides so then

that's where you put your thumb that's

the side that you put your thumb you'll

want to put your thumb there or else

I'll be upside down you want your thumb

like kind of towards the bottom not

really up here because then the hammer

will go and just hit right there but

like right there pretty much and what I

like to hold it is like this with two

fingers on the side one of them on that

side but you can hold it any way you

want you know three don't care and so

yeah so then the design is what's sad is

that they don't have any sort of logo or

groove or anything so you have to find

the bottom of the heart put your thumb

where the bottom of the hardest or for

these same thing pretty much well these

might have a logo where you put it but

usually they don't you do not want to

hit it too hard because then it will

like be really big in there you do not

want to hit it too soft it's none of the

sharpie with or will show up and so you

want to give it like one two or three

good whacks so like

so I'm just gonna do it one more time to

show you that I'm holding it perfectly

straight all the parts of the letters of

the letter is on the blank from the

hammer I'm holding in the middle you do

not want to go over scale to hit your

hands you do not want to go over here or

else nothing will happen you want to go

right on top you do not want to be over

here or over here you definitely do not

want to hit it like that because it's

just going to knock it out of your hand

so like Oh perfectly straight hold the

hammer so that's a pretty good eh okay

so now we're going to be doing design

stamps there are a little harder than

letters cuz they have like designs on

them so the harder of the design like

more little details in it the harder it

is to stamp so I would always choose

like simple ones like this one's just a

little flower this one's just a little

star these are really good I started out

with these I remember doing these

because they're very small and very easy

so when you stamp one if you put it down

straight as usual you want to stamp a

little bit harder because it's more of a

design for the harder they are like the

more designed to in them the harder you

will hit the hammer on the stamp so if

you don't get the little design I'm

going to show you the tilts on top so

what you want to do is get your thumb

where the bottom of the design is put

your thumb always towards you you always

want that

and so then you hit it a couple times on

the middle and then you do like very

slight turning

see that worked and I got the full

design you don't want to do too big of a

turning or aisle to kind of make another

shadow of the letter on the side so

it'll be like three three hearts that

I'm using right now instead of just one

and you don't really want that it looks

really horrible so I wouldn't do that if

I were you okay so what we have going on

here is this is our blank and this is

our straight tape so these four dots are

to show me where I should put my oh my

oh my see and my Y and then we have it

on our bench block on the pad so doesn't

be too loud so I'm going to take the out

and I'm gonna here I'm going to hold it

like this so you can see and I'm going

to put it down kind of where the purple

dot is so then it's it kind of like gets

stuck there does it get stuck there you

can still move it out but I think if I

go like that it won't come out which you

want so then you can line them up so

then I'll start with my L so that turned

out kind of bad so this is the perfect

time to show you what I would do so I

would kind of move it around till I kind

of feel it kind of click in to where it

was so I think that's good but actually

holding it wrong okay so you think

that's good okay I think that's good now


now coming in with the U and I'm just

going to slide it down and then I'm

gonna hit it

so that you actually turned out pretty

good so I'm just gonna leave that for

the see now and pretty good and then the

Y okay no you can't see it well but

turned out pretty good you can see a

little bit of it but yeah now it's time

for the color I'm just going to take the

tape off

I'll just put it down here so if you can

see that there's mine you can sort of

see it so what I'm going to do is I'm

going to take a sharpie I'm just going

to take a purple one just for no reason

and I am going to just kind of color

over the letter just so it gets in every

single groove you can also do it neatly

where you just kind of do it straight

over the letter like that like you can

do it kind of neatly or this messy the

messy ones more fun so I'm just going to

color everywhere with the sharpie and

then I'm going to take my handy Pro

polish pad right here if you can see it

I'm just gonna take it and just wipe on

it see how it kind of gets it off you

might need a wipe it for a while because

it might be like excess everywhere and

co-state it's staying in the grooves of

the letter and see how that you you can

barely see anything

I messed up there by not having it -

like it's not - it's not deep enough so

then what I'm going to so I can't really

do anything about that right now

so that's why I want to hit it hard

enough so then I'm just going to wipe

this so that looks pretty good

so now we're going to punch a hole into

it so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to

take this sharpie pick up my blank hold

it and put a dot exactly where I want

the hole you want to make it kind of

close to the top but not too into the

middle and not too up or else it will

just get into the side so I'm going to

put that right there and close my

sharpie so I so what I'm gonna do this

and so I would say to have this little

thing right here be at the top of it

where you want the top of it like the

front side and so then I would

take it put it on the purple dot and I'm

just gonna squeeze as hard as I can for

some people you're not for some people

it's like too hard so I'll just let your

parents do it and then you want to twist

it off so here's my hole and it's pretty

good okay so I punched my hole and I saw

a little ink on it so I'm just gonna

wipe it off with my pro polish pad gotta

do it pretty hard and so now I'm going

to teach you how to put a jump ring on


okay so here's how to open and close the

jump ring I'm just going to use my

fingers to act it out so basically like

the jump ring it has a little line in

between it so what you do is you use two

chain noses to open it like this you

want to go to the side like that not

like this if you go like this literally

it'll take you ten minutes to get it

back so what you do is you open it like


you stick the blanket in it and then you

kind of go like this because it's going

like that will kind of split it apart so

you go like this so you can get it

together like that you're trying to get

it like this as close as you can get to

this and so basically you're you want

two of these it doesn't really matter

how different they look how far they

open it doesn't really matter so you'll

pick the jump ring up and you're just

going to kind of grab it on the side

with both and then you're just gonna

split it open so I'm just going to stop

right there to show you how to split

open like this not open like that you

don't want it like that so then you

stick the blank inside

like that just put that in there and

then you grab the sides this might be

kind of hard at first but it will get

easier the more you do it so then you

kind of just go like this you just kind

of keep going like this till you get it

closed and so now it's on a jump ring

so here's the pendant that we just made

and it's all finished I put a chain on

it and it looks really good these are

just some other ideas that you could do

like you could do this mustache that I

made that says be awesome with dots

everywhere it's awesome there's a

sluicey bracelet that I made that's

awesome it's just one letter on each

blank there's this one that my sister

made for a friend there's this one that

my sister also made that says find

freedom in the music and then there's

this one that I made where we just punch

two gigantic holes and one that just

says happy and then a camper and and you

can just run a friendship bracelet

through so this is a good idea so thank

you for watching my video hopefully

you'll make a lots of cool jewelry and

come watch some of our other videos

which are really awesome so Lucy outs



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Stamping on Metal Starter Kit
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