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Stamped Metal Jewelry Design Ideas

Personalized jewelry is all the craze, and Lisa is going to show you some great stamping designs to incorporate into your jewelry. Not only does she cover a lot of great designs, she also introduces you texture, shape, and layers - to take your designs to the next level. These new techniques will give your stamping projects a little extra something special. Join Lisa for this free class filled with designs to expand your stamped jewelry repertoire!


hi I'm Lisa Niven Kelly founder of

Beaducation and today I'm here to show you

all kinds of different designs for your

stamped metal jewelry if you haven't

already learned to stamp you got a jump

on over and check out my other class

stamping on metal it's a free class and

I go on and on about all the details you

need to learn go into depth on tools and

materials and all that good stuff once

you've done that and you're ready to

push your designs to the next level come

on over here check this out welcome and

I want to remind you that on our site we

have all kinds of classes that

incorporate stamping so make sure to

look at those as well as the DIY design

section tons of design ideas in there

and we're going to show you a bunch of

those today I want to remind you about

the book that I wrote this is a great

go-to place for design ideas as well and

you'll learn some new techniques in that

cool so let's get started the first

design I want to talk about is layering

it's a pretty obvious design you just

take your blanks punch a hole in the top

and the jump ring goes through all the

blanks so all three of these are on one

jump ring has some nice movement and you

can layer names this right here is just

class of 2013 Sara but I've done this

with a kid's name on the top in the

middle on the bottom that's a really

popular design here's one with just

things of interest this is my daughter

Izzy she loves volleyball and her bike

so that's her pendant and then this one

is fun too we've actually put a little

secret message in the back there but the

back plate is textured with some flour

stamps and the front just has a nice

word and a pretty design stamps all

strung on chain and beads so there's one

design idea remember you don't always

have to stamp straight lines on these

samples here we've stamped on a curve so

this guy we've got Elizabeth facing out

over here with a home is where the heart

is we've got the letters facing in

either one looks nice I just wanted to

show you those options and if you're

used to lining up your letters against

maybe a Sharpie pen line or the edge of

some tape you're now going to use

the edge of this rounded part as your

guide and stamped from there I wanted to

show you some examples of collage

stamping where you're sort of thinking

outside the box with your design stamps

to build a scene now we do have a free

class on this with Danelle street called

collage stamping and I recommend

checking that out so she can show you

some of the techniques but here's a

couple simple samples over here this

one's really straightforward just two

birds on a line and she is the slash

stamp to build these lines so stamping

it over and over again so you can go

simple to a little more intense over

here like on the Jen pendant we've got

some grass and leaves and flowers and I

really like how she used two different

fonts there for the name that kind of

adds a little spice in there this one

here on the top and bottom of Layla's

that's just one design stamp but she

stamped it three times and then three

times here to build a whole nother look

with the one stamp and up here I love

this tree she used our cloud stamp as

sort of the bushy branches of the tree

in the slash stamp to build the trunk

and the branches as you're designing

along where I've just encouraged you to

think outside of the box with the design

stamps I want to encourage you to think

outside of the box with the blanks so

here we've got a really big circle that

we've made into a gift tag and this is

an ornament and this large shape was cut

out a sheet and this was riveted on it's

pretty sweet and look at this guy it's a

gift tag so on this side to Jill from

Mary but something that they can keep

and maybe hang from the tree or hang on

the wall or even a piece of jewelry

on these samples we again fought outside

the box with the design stamps and you

can see how the superfun texture that we

were able to create on this pendant up

here we use like six different design

stance stamped in a pattern moving from

the inside out and then actually put on

a white patina and buffed it off to

leave the white down and the impressions

something new and interesting over here

on the Chevron I used a texture hammer

on the brass pieces to get that fun

texture and then design stamps on the

copper pieces on this guy here you

really went for it and made all kinds of

different textures with a bunch of

different stamps and then the three

layers are put together with nuts and

bolts to make this pendant you can check

out our product video on the nuts and

bolts to figure out how to use those I

want to mention a little bit about

shaping that's why I've got you looking

at the tops of these bracelet pieces on

a piece let's say like this guy here if

I left all these segments straight it

wouldn't flow nicely around my wrist but

because I've given them a slight Bend it

does take on the shape of my wrist

nicely same goes for this cuff and this

flat plaque piece here so I'll show you

what I use for that is called a bracelet

bending plier and it looks like this

it's a nylon jaw and it's got a curve in

it so you can come on your metal and

just squeeze squeeze squeeze and it

starts to curve it in the perfect shape

if you want to learn more about this

tool or learn how to make these stamped


check out my say it on your wrist free


these samples show some techniques that

I really want to encourage you to get

into and it's soldering and riveting so

this piece here this heart is soldered

on to this sterling circle and I think

it just looks great this simple

soldering like this and we do have a

free class on this really can help you

add interesting embellishments to your

pieces over here these pieces are

riveted this little flower the gold

flower is riveted on to the copper

washer with a heart decorative rivet so

that's kind of fun the top of the rivet

is typically round this guy is heart and

we have other shapes as well these two

are riveted together with two rivets

right there and this one up here uses

riveting and soldering so this a is

soldered to this copper piece and then

the whole copper piece is riveted to

this back piece that I've textured with

some design stamps so it kind of brings

the whole thing in together

you can see how soldering and riveting

really lend themselves well to stamping

and I encourage you to go check out our

free classes the soldering one like I

mentioned we've got someone riveting

various designs and check out our

product videos because you'll find some

tips in there as well along the lines of

riveting and soldering I just wanted to

show you these two bracelets we've

really been having fun adding stuff to

leather so these are some leather cuffs

and these plaques that we've made the

top pieces and the little flowers are

soldered on and then the whole team the

whole piece is riveted to the leather so

it makes a really fun interesting

bracelet as I mentioned in the intro our

goal today is to inspire you so I hope

you learned a whole bunch of stuff I

wanted to play with an idea though I

have this plaque here that says Sarah

and I've riveted on the star I just

wanted to talk about all the various

ways that I can then make this into

let's say a bracelet so I want to show

you I've got a lot of choices I can

rivet it onto a piece of leather that

looks great I can take some leather

cording and either run it through each

side and tie it off or maybe run it

through the back and have it be a really

simple bracelet that

that also looks nice or with some jump

rings attach it to some chain and just

make it like a little plaque bracelet I

like that a lot or another thing that

I've done quite often is attach it to a

strand of beads so don't forget that

very large selection of beads you got

sitting at home my friends and use some

stringing wire and attach it up with

some beads see that would look nice like

that as well so there you go the

possibilities are endless

have fun okay my friends so that's a lot

of designs I didn't lie did I don't

forget about all the stuff I reminded

you about on our website to check out

and always think outside of the box and

we're not just making jewelry with

stamps you can do all kinds of different

stuff think outside of the box with the

blanks and with the stamps have fun and

always drop us a line and let us know

what you're working on we look forward

to seeing that thanks again


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