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Working through the buffing and finishing of your jewelry pieces? Sanding and polishing your finished pieces can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Offering seven different frits of radial discs from 80 grit to 1 micron, your pieces can finish with a shine. All you need is some radial discs, a mini screw mandrel, and a rotary tool and you'll be on your way! With 3M radial discs, you will receive consistent polishing and sanding among your jewelry pieces. Check out our variety of seven radial disc options!

3M Radials

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Jewelry Making Tools Reinforced Mini Screw Mandrel, 3/32"
Jewelry Making Tools Radial Kit with 7 Radial Grits and 4 Mandrels
Jewelry Making Tools 3M Radial Disc 3/4" 1 micron (Light Green) - 3 Pack
Jewelry Making Tools 3M Radial Disc 3/4" 80 grit (Yellow) - 3 pack