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Birth Month Flower Metal Design Stamps, Set of 12, 8.25mm Flowers - Beaducation Original

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Our 11mm Set of Birth Month Flowers have been incredibly popular so we decided to launch them in a smaller size as well!

Whether you're looking to celebrate a birthday or a regular occasion, each of these flower design stamps is carefully designed to provide the best details to elevate your jewelry-making project. Whichever flower of the month you're looking for, our full twelve birth month flower set includes the detailed metal stamps you need.

Here is a link to all our birth month flowers and sets.

Birth Month Flower Metal Design Stamps, Set of 12, 8.25mm Flowers

  • Made from 3/8" square heat-treated tool steel.
  • Average size is 8.25mm.
  • Beaducation Original Design.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Arrives coated in oil to prevent rusting.
  • Wipe oil away with paper towel. Do not use water.

Birth Month Flowers

  • January - Carnation
  • February - Violet
  • March - Daffodil
  • April - Daisy
  • May - Lily of the Valley
  • June - Rose
  • July - Water Lily
  • August - Gladiolus
  • September - Morning Glory
  • October - Marigold
  • November - Chrysanthemum
  • December - Narcissus

More Info:

  • Rated to use on all soft metals and stainless steel (if you are a newbie, "rated" means it's specifically rated yes/good/go for it).
  • Knives are hardened steel and none of our stamps should be used on knife blades.
  • Just because a stamp "can" stamp in stainless, doesn't mean it will be easy. We do not recommend this metal for beginners. Stainless steel is very difficult to stamp on because it is such a hard metal. The larger and/or more intricate the design, the harder it will be to impress into stainless. Tape your blank to your bench block and consider using a 2 lb hammer.
  • We highly recommend buying a few stainless steel blanks to use as practice pieces.

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