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Magnetic Scuff Guard Set, 2 Grids and 2 Blanks

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Magnetic Scuff Guard Set, 2 Grids and 2 Blanks

  • This kit comes with a free black, non-toxic, low odor dry erase pen.
  • Place guard on top of your bench block to protect the back of your blanks from that dreaded scuff mark. You will still see a bit of a dent on the back of the blank (because metal has to go somewhere) but it won't be scuffed. Watch the attached video to see the difference they make.
  • This magnet is thin and hard enough that it should not cause a double impression. However, if you are using hard metal with a detailed stamp, remove the guard and just stamp straight on your block.
  • You can write on these magnets with a dry erase pen and then it wipes right off. You can also write on them with a sharpie and then remove the ink with rubbing alcohol on a tissue BUT doing this will wear down the print and glossy finish faster over time. Don't use nail polish remover as it's a bit too harsh for the printing.
  • Set includes four 4" x 4" magnets: 1 - circle divider polar grid, 1 - square grid with graph paper pattern and 2 - blank magnets
  • These are not meant to last forever. Although we haven’t had it happen yet, we imagine they will break down over a long period of time and need replacing. 

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