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The jaws on this vise can open up to 2" and have rubber covers to protect your metal. The rubber covers are removable so you can also use it for riveting and hammering. The securing C-clamp is wide enough (2") to fit on most benches or tables. The ball and socket joint allow the jaws to be tilted and can rotate 360 degrees, but will hold the jaws firmly in place at any angle.


This table vice is an essential tool for jewelers and jewelry makers. It can be used to securely hold pieces while you work, allowing precision and accuracy. The high-quality construction of the vise ensures stability and durability, ensuring that your work is easy and secure. This table vice is an essential tool for any jeweler or jewelry maker, featuring a precise jaw for holding tools and components securely and allowing for delicate work. Its adjustable head can be set to any angle for added versatility. Get your most precise and precise results with this reliable table vice. The perfect jewellery making companion, this table vice gives a fixed and reliable grip for all your projects. With a secure and adjustable construction, it ensures safety and stability for all your jewellery making, so you can craft with confidence. Secure your jewelry-making projects with our trusty table vice! This tool's state-of-the-art vice design and smaller size make it perfect for holding your jewelry (and jewels!) steady so you can craft and create with precision. Get a grip on your crafting with this one-of-a-kind jewelers vise!

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