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Folded Circle Bib Necklace, DIY Design

Folded Circle Bib Necklace.

This necklace is real show stopper. It is inspired by our Free Folded Flower Pendant class, but we thought we would change it up a bit. We used various circular blanks and stamped them with tons of detail to make this an exciting feature necklace. We had a lot of fun cutting out the base for the bib necklace, but we wanted to also show that you can use this playful idea with any sort of blank you like. We did a smaller version on our Banner blank. Whether you make this big or small, the results are fabulous!

Tools & Materials

Wire & Sheet Metal Copper Sheet Metal, 6" x 6", 24 Gauge
Jewelry Making Tools Jeweler's Saw Frame
Jeweler's Saw Frame
Jewelry Making Tools Saw Blades - "3/0" cut
Saw Blades - "3/0" cut
Jewelry Making Tools V-Slot Bench Pin and Clamp
V-Slot Bench Pin and Clamp
Jewelry Making Tools Liver of Sulfur
Liver of Sulfur
Sold Out
Jewelry Making Tools Pro Polish Pad (pack of 10)
Pro Polish Pad (pack of 10)
Sold Out
Jewelry Making Tools French Shears
French Shears
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