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Gift Tag DIY

gift tag personalized

Add a bit of pizazz to your gift tags by personalize them with metal stamping. After the gift is opened, you can convert the tag to a necklace or keychain, or use it again next year!

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Tools & Materials

Aluminum Tag, 19mm (.75"), 16 Gauge, Pack of 4
Metal Stamping Tools Beaducation Exact Series, Vintage Tattoo Uppercase Letter Stamp Set 2mm, By Stamp Yours, Tapered Down Shanks
Snow Covered Tree Metal Design Stamp, 10mm - Beaducation Original
A-Frame Cabin Metal Design Stamp, 8.3mm - Beaducation Original
Metal Stamping Tools Simple Snowflakes Metal Design Stamps, 3mm and 4mm - Beaducation Original
Jewelry Making Tools ImpressArt Stamp Enamel Marker Pen, Black
ImpressArt Stamp Enamel Marker Pen, Black
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