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Did you buy sheet metal and you're ready to punch or saw your own metal stamping blanks? Then two of your most important tools are a jewelers saw and a disc cutter. Creating your own blanks and shapes out of metal is a great way to add your own creative spin to your pieces. We also offer replacement saw blades and punches for your tools if they wear down over time with use. Here you'll also find our staple tool for metal stamping, our jewelry hole punches. Whether you're creating keychains or necklaces, using our power punch plier will make jewelry hole punching a breeze!

Hole Punches & Saws

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Jewelry Making Tools Saw Blades - "3" cut
Saw Blades - "3" cut
Screw Down Two Hole Punch by Euro Tool, 1.6mm & 2.3mm holes
Jewelry Making Tools Large Bench Pin Clamp, 2.5"
Large Bench Pin Clamp, 2.5"
Replacement Punch Set for Screw Down Two Hole Punch by EuroTool