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How to Make Soldered Jewelry, Episode #5 - Soldering a Basic Bail

In episode #5 of our How to Make Soldered Jewelry video series, we teach how to solder a very simple, very elegant bail to a stamped blank. >> Scroll down for the list of tools.


hi i'm Lisa Niven Kelly for Beaducation.com

and i am i Superman ski with ever nine jewelry

and we have come together in

this introduction to

soldering series to teach you all kinds

of soldering stuff and in this

particular episode we're going to make a

really simple bail


this is our shortest episode in our

series it's a really fun quick project

that's really going to elevate your

piece to the next level yeah it makes it

look so much better than just popping a

hole and putting a jump ring in there

we're also going to introduce you to

props using little props to assist in

the soldering of little components and

things yes it's fun enjoy here's how the

layouts gonna look to add this jump ring

to the back to be a bail it's got the

jump ring right here and it's partially

resting on the sterling solar circle

this black dot here is just to mark the

middle it's stamped with the Lotus on

the back so by putting a dot there we

knew exactly where to lay this jump ring

so that it was centered and then here's

a t-bar that it's just used as a prop to

hold it up but because otherwise the

jump ring would be tilted down and it

wouldn't be flush up against the

sterling blank so now I'm gonna actually

take the jump ring off so that I could

flex and

use the little spritz

there we go

and place this right back in the same


making sure that my scene is right there

in the middle so that when I solder it

it will solder the scene shut and it

will solder this jump ring too

the placement palying here leaning right

on there and perfect it's got to be

touch from the jump ring

put slaughter that to the circle and we

also want to touch in the scene so it

kind of sucked up in the scene

heating heating heating I'm not putting

any heat on the jump ring and putting

all the heat on the plane because the

jump ring will just be properly warm and

I have to take all this without getting

it the big blank will transfer to the

jump ring in there you see how it flowed

a nice bright silver flash it's got the

jump ring flush to the blank and it also

jumped up the seam I'm gonna pick it up

and quench it and then we're gonna go

and see how it comes right off the t-bar

and then we're gonna go and pickle it

and know we will be right back i pickled

the piece took it out and patina'd it

and i put two jump rings on the top just

cuz I really liked that look but look

here's our little bail that we just made

that looks sweet so I've also hung it

from my one of my other favorite chains

besides popcorn chain is a ball chain

and it doesn't come oxidize like this I

just want to point out I've dipped it in

and out of the jacks silver blocking her

and then polish it up I just really like

the way that it looks so now you know

how to do a simple bail

you could get nuts from here you could

make the bail bigger smaller obviously

you could texture the jump ring before

soldering it on you can try to flatten

it a little bit maybe either add texture

with your chasing hammer or some stamps

there's all kinds of fun options



Tools & Materials

Jewelry Making Tools Kiln Brick
Kiln Brick
Jewelry Making Tools Gripping Tweezers - Wooden Handle
Blazer Stingray Butane Torch
Blazer Stingray Butane Torch
Sold Out
Jewelry Making Tools Max Flame Jeweler's Butane Torch
Soldering Starter Kit
Soldering Starter Kit
Sold Out
Jewelry Making Tools Silver Sheet Solder, Extra Soft
Jewelry Making Tools Silver Sheet Solder, Soft
Silver Sheet Solder, Soft
Jewelry Making Tools Silver Sheet Solder, Medium
Silver Sheet Solder, Medium
Jewelry Making Tools Silver Sheet Solder, Hard
Silver Sheet Solder, Hard
Sold Out
Jewelry Making Tools Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses