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How to Make Soldered Jewelry, Episode #7 - Soldering a Jump Ring Closed

In this quick video (#7 inn our How to Make Soldered Jewelry video series) we teach how to solder a jump ring closed. We show how to solder it closed on a chain, how to solder it closed to attach a clasp to a chain and how to solder one closed already on a pendant. >> Scroll down for the list of tools.

hi I'm Lisa Niven Kelly here for another

episode in our introduction to soldering

series and in this one we're going to

learn how to solder shut a jump ring


in this episode we switch from that big

bushy flame on the max flame torch to a

blazer torch it has a little more pointy

flame so we can get just right out that

seam in the jump ring I'll be honest

with you I hadn't sought her jump rings

in a while and I had the camera right in

front of my face and I didn't have my

glasses so it sounds like I'm just gonna

do this I'm gonna pick solder this jump

ring and I went for it and totally

melted it I'm gonna show you a little

picture of it now look at that isn't

that beautiful

I'm so proud and I'm just showing that

so you know that even though I saw their

jump rings closed all the time stuff

happens so don't panic the first jump

ring that we're gonna solder shut is a

jump ring just at the end of a chain so

this will be the end that a clasp will

come into and clamp into okay first I'm

gonna come in with my torch again it's

pretty low not too high and apply some

flux let's go and you can see my pallium

right here see little square I'm gonna

melt that guy right now into a ball and

again this is called pic soldering it's

gonna pick up with the pic and then you

just lay it right on this seam make sure

that your jump ring is norm and fan the

key here is in and out you see how fast

that was so if I had used too much

solder that would be quite a bit of a

mess but that was perfect cool we got

that guy soldered shut

now the next one that we're gonna saw

her shut is a jump ring that now

attaches the clasp to the cheating we're

gonna hold it a little bit differently

all right so I've got my torch on and

I'm gonna flex it real quick I've got

the torch pretty low so I don't want to

melt that jump ring or that chain it's

nice and pointy

so now off-camera I'm gonna build a

little pelion die so get a before I pick

it up and here we come carefully right

on top of that seam here it comes the

little bow that torch

ball is on let's get that guy melted

down to the scene all right now lastly a

lot of people ask us how do I solder a

jump ring closed that's on a pendant

just letter this jump ring closed I'm

gonna use paste solder I've got a little

bit on my pic here

this has flux already in it let's get a

little bit right on the seam there

that's great and I mean come in with my

torch I'm gonna use a blazer because

it's more pointed and I'm just gonna

keep the heat on the jump ring not on

the blank

let me see the binder burn out of the

solder here the paste solder on both

sides and the flame that goes

and see the solder fell down to the

bottom a little bit would see when it

melts if it'll come up too soon




Tools & Materials

Jewelry Making Tools Third Hand with Tweezers
Third Hand with Tweezers
Blazer Stingray Butane Torch
Blazer Stingray Butane Torch
Jewelry Making Tools Max Flame Jeweler's Butane Torch
Max Flame Jeweler's Butane Torch
Sold Out
Jewelry Making Tools Cupronil  Flux and Fire Scale Preventative
Jewelry Making Tools Charcoal Block
Charcoal Block
Jewelry Making Tools Silver Solder Paste EXTRA EASY, 1/4 Ounce
Jewelry Making Tools Silver Solder Paste SOFT, 1/4 oz
Jewelry Making Tools Silver Solder Paste MEDIUM, 1/4 oz
Jewelry Making Tools Silver Solder Paste HARD, 1/4 oz
Soldering Starter Kit
Soldering Starter Kit