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How to Mandala Stamp on Metal

Join Taryn McCabe and Lisa Niven Kelly, co-authors of "New Stamped Metal Jewelry", and learn how to perfect Mandala Metal Stamping.

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Tools & Materials

Books New Stamped Metal Jewelry Book by Lisa Niven Kelly and Taryn McCabe
Jewelry Making Tools Steel Bench Block - 4" x 4"
Steel Bench Block - 4" x 4"
Sold Out
Jewelry Making Tools French Shears
French Shears
Sold Out
Jewelry Making Tools ImpressArt Ergo-Angle 1 lb Metal Stamping Hammer
Metal Stamping Tools Radiant Heart Metal Design Stamp- Beaducation Original
Metal Stamping Tools Triangle Curve Metal Design Stamp - Beaducation Original
Jewelry Making Tools Industrial Sharpie Marker
Industrial Sharpie Marker
Jewelry Making Tools Center Locator, Circle Divider Tool
Metal Stamping Tools Alpha Star Metal Design Stamp 2.7mm - Beaducation Original
Metal Stamping Tools Four Dots Diamond Metal Design Stamp, 2.6mm - Beaducation Original
Metal Stamping Blanks Aluminum Round, Disc, Circle, 32mm (1.25"), 18g, Pack of 5