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Are you in search of affordable jewelry-making supplies for your hobby or creative business? is the one-stop-shop for quality and affordable jewelry findings for all your jewelry making needs. From rivets, metal stamping blanks, jump rings, and more, we have the jewelry making supplies you need to take your creative business to the next level.

Beaducation has the largest collection of beads, chain for jewelry making, Swarovski crystals, bezel cups, metal stamping blanks, clasps, leather supplies, sheet metal, wire, and more. Not only do we have such a large collection, but we have endless material options as well!

Gold Jewelry Making Supplies- Solid gold is often too soft and not durable when it comes to jewelry making, which is why we offer gold filled jewelry findings. Gold filled metal is a thick layer of solid gold mechanically bonded to a base metal like sterling silver. Not only do we have gold filled jewelry supplies, but we also offer rose gold filled jewelry making supplies. Rose gold filled jewelry has become increasingly popular recently due to its unique and beautiful nature.

Silver Jewelry Making Supplies- Offering sterling silver jewelry findings and fine silver jewelry findings you can't go wrong with this versatile metal. Sterling silver is a durable material which is why it's so popular for jewelry. If you're looking for an option that's a little more premium and less likely to tarnish over time, check out our fine silver jewelry findings.

Stainless Steel Jewelry Making Supplies- Stainless steel findings are of the most durable material you can buy, stainless steel can put up with heavy wear and tear throughout all daily activities. If you'd like to offer a premium product, that's also high quality, check out our stainless steel findings for your creative project.

Brass Jewelry Making Supplies- Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper which makes it durable. Not only is it stronger than other metals, but it work hardens must faster when you work with it making all your projects extremely durable with our brass jewelry findings.

Aluminum Jewelry Making Supplies- When it comes to metals for jewelry making, aluminum jewelry findings are among the most popular due to how affordable they are and how easy they are to work with. Offering both anodized (colored) aluminum findings and regular aluminum findings the world is yours. Offering the highest quality aluminum metal stamping blanks is our specialty.

These are only some of the metals we carry, and you can see the rest of the options on the material filter on the left. Below you'll find our most popular jewelry making supplies, and these are inclusive of:

Chain for Jewelry Making- Chain is among the most important jewelry making supply for makers and artisans, as having high quality chain makes it so much easier to create beautiful DIY projects and jewelry pieces that are truly works of art. Offering not only cable chain and rolo chain, we also carry beaded chain in a majority of metals to match your creative project. The great thing about Beaducation is we offer both finished necklaces to increase your speed, but also bulk chain for jewelry making no matter what your project. If you choose to make pieces with your own length of chain, we also carry a variety of clasps for necklaces and bracelets, and also a variety of jump ring sizes and materials no matter your project.

Jewelry Rivets- Rivets are a great way to cold connect different pieces of your jewelry making project, they're a very secure form of cold connection for metalworking projects, multimedia projects, and leather jewelry design. We have a variety of jewelry rivets for you to choose from in a variety of materials, these include round head rivets, nail head rivets, snap rivets, and more.

Metal Sheets for Jewelry Making- Thinking you'd like to expand your jewelry collection to custom jewelry pieces? Make custom metal jewelry with our brass metal sheet, copper metal sheet, sterling silver metal sheet, and aluminum metal sheet for jewelry making you not only can cut your own metal stamping blanks, but make a variety of jewelry projects with our metal sheet for jewelry making, available in thicknesses from 12 gauge to 24 gauge sheet metal.

Leather Jewelry Making Supplies- Want to expand your metal jewelry collection to a new material? Beaducation also has a large collection of leather jewelry making supplies. From leather cord to finished leather bracelets the possibilities for leather jewelry making is truly endless.

Jump Rings for Jewelry Making- Jump rings and split rings are one of the most important jewelry making supplies when it comes to your jewelry making project. Jump rings are one of the classic jewelry making supplies that allows you to connect the different components of your jewelry project. Jump rings are typically the jewelry finding that connects the clasp to your chain, the charm to your ear wire, and whatever component you need to collect. Split rings for jewelry making are great for keychain making and a more durable connection for your other jewelry projects. We have both open jump rings and locking jump rings in a variety of materials for you to choose from.

Charms for Jewelry Making- Charms and pendants are a great way to create unique jewelry and products to resell to your customers. Offering over one hundred charms for jewelry making, we have a variety of themes for our charms and pendants to truly take your jewelry project to the next level. Offering a ton of Swarovski birth stone charms, you can create gorgeous birthstone initial necklaces or add some sparkle to your bangle bracelets or keychains. Not only birthstone charms, but we have animal charms, flower charms, heart charms, nature charms, and a variety of other options. Take a look at all of our charm options.

No matter what jewelry making supply or jewelry finding you're looking for, Beaducation has the largest collection of jewelry findings in a variety of materials, shapes, styles, and colors. If you're looking for something we may not have, shoot us a message, we may be able to find a solution for you with a jewelry making supply we offer in the future.


Jewelry Making Supplies

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Jump Rings Stainless Steel 7mm I.D. 16 Gauge Jump Rings, 1/4 oz (~26 rings)
Jump Rings Stainless Steel 3mm I.D. 18 Gauge Jump Rings, 1/4 oz (~85 rings)
Jump Rings Stainless Steel 8mm I.D. 14 Gauge Jump Rings, 1/4 oz (~15 rings)
Jump Rings Stainless Steel 3mm I.D. 22 Gauge Jump Rings, 1/4 oz (~274 rings)
Jump Rings Sterling Silver 3mm I.D. 20 Gauge Jump Rings, Pack of 50
Jump Rings Sterling Silver 3.5mm I.D. 20 Gauge Jump Rings, Pack of 50
Jump Rings Sterling Silver 3mm I.D. 22 Gauge Jump Rings, Pack of 50