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CLOSEOUT No Touch Door Opener, Bottle Opener, Stampable

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No Touch Door Opener, Bottle Opener, Stampable

  • Use ink, paint pen, enamel pen or similar product to add black to the impressions if stamping on these. Rub lightly with rubbing alcohol to remove that black from the surface. DO NOT use nail polish remover and DO NOT buff with a harsh polishing tool like steel wool or a buffing block (see below for more info).
  • 76mm (3") x 35mm (1.38")
  • Stampable area along the length of the tool is 6mm (.24").
  • Stampable area in the round part is 5mm (.20").
  • We have had these special made so they are soft enough to stamp.
  • Matte Silver color.
  • These do not work on touch screens.
  • Zinc base alloy. This is a very soft metal so it will show scratches like other soft metals do. This metal is not antimicrobial.

The base of these are a zinc alloy and the top is a very thick layer of a matte bright silver zinc alloy. Do not use nail polish remover, a buffing block, steel wool or any harsh polishing product. If you buff really hard with something harsh, it will remove that top layer and reveal the darker silver color underneath. Light use of a ProPolish pad seems to be ok.

After much testing, we have found that small sharp letters tend to displace the metal in a way that ends up looking like little cracks around the letter. Letters 3mm and larger seem to work best.

People like to use this tool to open door handles, push buttons, open bottles etc., to avoid getting germs on their hands.

To be clear, if there are germs on the door or button, they could then get on this tool so make sure to wipe off the tool before putting in your pocket or purse.

No Touchy Tool

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