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Offering an array of Metal Design Stamps for all your jewelry making and stamping ideas, we carry not only Beaducation Originals, but also Impressart and Stamp Yours.

With hundreds of designs, your stamps can be used on aluminum, copper, sterling silver, and some can even be used on Stainless Steel! Just getting started out with metal stamping? Take a look at our free online stamping classes to get all of the tips and tricks to perfect the art of jewelry stamping.

What is jewelry metal stamping? Metal stamping is a great way to make handmade jewelry with character, while also allowing you to be creative in the designs you make! When it comes to jewelry design, metal stamping is a process that dates back thousands of years to the seventh century where the process was used for the creation of gold and silver coins. You may also notice number and letter markings on your fine jewelry pieces, that's metal stamping too! We understand the importance of trending designs and high-quality hand stamps, which is why we offer such a large collection of detailed metal design stamps! Commonly mistaken for engraved jewelry, metal stamping is the process of using hardened steel stamps to make impressions in metal. Different than mass-produced engraved jewelry, metal stamping is a metalworking technique that allows for artisan creativity and craftsmanship that expands beyond boring design. Metal stamping allows for the creation of one-of-a-kind designs, and with our hundreds of metal stamps, there are endless possibilities for your creativity with our metal stamps for jewelry!

Do you have a metal stamping kit? Are you just getting started with the art of metal stamping? We've put together the perfect metal stamping kit for beginners to get you started. Included in this kit is a variety of metal stamping blanks, uppercase and lowercase metal letter stamps, metal number stamps, a steel bench block, stamping tape, and a couple of jewelry-making supplies. This kit is the perfect starting point to get involved in the art of metal stamping, with our practice metal stamping sheet. When just getting started with metal stamping, we always recommend practicing the blow of your hammer and impressing your stamps with more and less power in order to find the perfect depth for your impressions in your hand-stamped jewelry pieces. Our metal stamping starter kit doesn't include a hammer, as many individuals already have a hammer, but if you're in the market for a hammer, take a look at our stamping hammers! This starter jewelry stamping kit also doesn't include any metal design stamps, as we feel it's important you master the art of stamping with letters and numbers before you move onto more intricate stamps like our metal design stamps.

What metal stamping supplies do I need? After you master the art of basic metal stamping, you may want to expand your metal stamping tools collection with a variety of design stamps to add more design to your stamped phrases and words. You may also want to expand the different metals and shapes you'll stamp on. We offer a variety of stamping blanks for you to choose from, so whether you're looking for bracelet blanks, metal blanks for keychains, ring blanks for stamping, or any other shape blanks for necklaces and beyond, Beaducation provides an extensive collection of metal stamping blanks. If you're making other handmade jewelry, you'll also need a variety of jewelry tools and supplies like jewelry chains, jump rings, split rings, and more. You can find all of the jewelry making supplies you need for your jewelry projects here on

Are your metal hand stamps stainless rated? In the past, we may have said no, but after extensive testing, we've determined our metal stamps can in fact be used on stainless steel. Something to note, though, is all stainless steel stamping blanks are not made equal. To ensure you have the proper grade of stainless steel for stamping, purchase your stainless steel stamping blanks from Beaducation as all of our stainless steel blanks can be stamped. Please also note that stamping on stainless steel is not for beginners, as it takes a lot of practice and skill to perfect, even the most seasoned stampers have difficulty stamping on stainless steel. The more detailed the design stamp, the more difficult it will be to stamp. If you do decide to stamp on stainless steel, make sure you have a sturdy stamping surface like a stamping post, you can learn how to make a stamping post with our detailed instructions. If you're just getting started with stamping, we recommend you opt for softer metals like aluminum blanks and pewter blanks, you'll have much more success with clear impressions and less possibility of double stamping impressions.

Metal Design Stamps

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Metal Stamping Tools Hip Peacock Feather Design Stamp, 11mm - Beaducation Original