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Metal Stamped Wine Charms and Bottle Tags

In this video Lisa Niven Kelly and Melinda McCabe teach you how to make your very own wine charms and wine bottle tags. These make great gifts that never go out of style!

Tools & Materials

Jewelry Making Tools Plastic Mallet / Hammer
Plastic Mallet / Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools Lindstrom Chain Nose Plier RX7893
Jewelry Making Tools Lindstrom Flush Cutter Plier RX8141
Lindstrom Flush Cutter Plier RX8141
Sold Out
Jewelry Making Tools Lindstrom Round Nose Plier RX7590
Jewelry Making Tools Hypo Cement Glue - UPS Ground Shipping Only
Beads & Swarovski Crystals 1.8mm Swarovski Flat Back Crystals, Multi Pack of Birthstone Colors (240 pieces)
Metal Stamping Blanks Pewter Stitched Edge Heart with Birthstone Bezel, 19.2mm (.76") x 15.8mm (.62"), 16g