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The best jewelry piece starts with the perfect metal blank. Offering one of the largest collections of metal stamping blanks, we have blanks in aluminum, copper, brass, sterling silver, gold fill, and more. 

What materials are your metal stamping blanks? Being stampers ourselves, we know how important it is to have a variety of options of metals when choosing metal stamping blanks for your project. We try our best to carry both the materials and shapes that our customers need and request. If you ever see a shape or material that we don't carry that you think we should, let us know! The materials we offer include:

Aluminum Stamping Blanks- This material is among one of the most popular metal stamping blank materials in recent years, due to how affordable and easy they are to work with. That's why we offer both standard silver-colored aluminum blanks in addition to colored anodized aluminum blanks. Not only do we carry aluminum rounds, bracelet blanks, and ring blanks, but we also sell a variety of fun and exciting shapes. Try out our aluminum blanks for stamping!

Alkeme Stamping Blanks- This material was created solely for the purpose of metal stamping! It's a precision-created tin alloy that makes for a soft material that's easy to stamp deep and crisp impressions. Its coloring is similar to that of sterling silver and can either be given a matte finish or a high shine finish depending on your finishing technique. Try out our alkeme blanks for stamping!

Brass Stamping Blanks- This material is an alloy of zinc and copper making it harder than the aforementioned materials. Due to its hard nature, its extremely durable, and work hardens as you create your project. When stamping brass you may have more difficulty, but stamp on a sturdy surface on your brass metal stamping blanks. Try out our brass blanks for stamping!

Copper Stamping Blanks- This material is extremely durable and malleable when heated and worked with. Copper is a favorable material to metal stamp due to the fact of how easy it is to antique and patina. Not only that, but it holds enameling and darkening very well. If you're looking for a material that will look aged the more it's worn, this is the material for your metal stamped jewelry. Try out our copper blanks for stamping!

Gold Filled Stamping Blanks- This material is a thick layer of solid gold that's typically mechanically bonded to a base metal like sterling silver. Being the gold filled metal stamping blanks are not solid gold, they're much more affordable with the same look and feel like solid gold jewelry. Not only that, but solid gold is typically very soft and not durable, therefore not suited for everyday jewelry. We offered both yellow gold filled stamping blanks and rose gold filled stamping blanks. Try out our gold filled blanks for stamping!

Pewter Stamping Blanks- This is a great jewelry stamping blank material to choose from, being how easy it is to stamp and work with. This material typically has a more organic and natural look than other metals, making it a much more attractive material when making your jewelry pieces. As it relates to metal stamping, its extremely soft nature makes stamping a breeze, and as Lisa likes to say, stamps like butter! Try out our pewter blanks for stamping!

Stainless Steel Stamping Blanks- This material is the most durable stamping blank material you can buy due to its hard nature. Stainless steel stamping blanks can hold up well to heavy wear and tear and daily wear. Stainless steel is a premium material to choose that has great weight and shine to it. Keep in mind, even seasoned stampers may have difficulty with stamping stainless steel. Make sure you have a sturdy stamping surface and heavy hammer before trying stainless steel stamping blanks. Try out our stainless steel blanks for stamping!

Sterling Silver Stamping Blanks- This material is one of the most popular choices for jewelry due to its premium nature and silver color. Stamping sterling silver depends on the hardness of the material, it can be annealed to soften it for stamping but may discolor and need to be polished to reveal its shine. Sterling silver is a premium metal for metal stamping due to its high shine, premium weight, and superior look. Try out our sterling silver blanks for stamping!

Do you offer metal stamping blanks wholesale or in bulk? Offering one of the largest collections of metal stamping blanks, it's not surprising our metal stamping blanks are so popular. We offer metal stamping blanks in a variety of shapes and sizes like guitar pick stamping blanks, rectangle metal stamping blanks, dog tag blanks for stamping, round stamping blanks, and more. For certain blanks and materials, we can offer metal stamping blanks in bulk or wholesale. Many of our stamping blanks have quantity discounts built into our system, but if you'd like to purchase more than the highest tier discount reach out to us to learn more. If you can wait, you can receive pricing for high-quality and affordable metal blanks.

Do you sell ring blanks for stamping? Offering both flat ring blanks in sterling silver, aluminum, and pewter, and round ring blanks in sterling silver, copper, pewter, brass, stainless steel, and gold filled we know how important it is to carry the variety of materials and sizes or ring blanks that you need for your creative business. The choices are endless for your jewelry-making project. Stamp flat rings on your bench block and bend them with ring bending pliers and a mandrel. You can stamp round rings on a mandrel on a sandbag, in addition to other tools on the market that make it easy to stamp on rings. We know how important it is to stay on top of the trends which is why we sell tab ring blanks in addition to signet ring blanks. Take a look at our collection to see the variety we offer!

Not only does Beaducation offer common shapes like metal discs, rectangles, and bracelet blanks, but we have a variety of die-cut shapes, cast metal ring blanks, bottle opener blanks, ornament blanks, and even no-touch tools! Regardless of what you choose, all of our metal stamping blanks are ready to be stamped and be transformed into your next creative project or best seller for your stamping business. Need blanks in bulk? Order quantities of some blanks higher than 50 are available in bulk for an additional discount. Learn more about our bulk pricing here.

Metal Stamping Blanks

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Aluminum Round, Disc, Circle with Hole, 12.7mm (.50"), 16 Gauge, Pack of 8
Aluminum Round, Disc, Circle 50.8mm (2"), 14 Gauge, Pack of 5